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| Posted by Robin Barrett Wilson

So much happening!

We have been so busy these past few weeks, we are literally bursting with updates!  (I apologize ahead of time for the length of this one)

As we all know, mother nature has been so kind to us (almost hit 90 last week) and we had to be sure all of our new spring/summer merchandise is ready.  

We moved the store around, showcasing all those short sleeved and sleeveless tops, white jeans, and fun accessories to the front of the store.  Everything feels light and bright!  If you haven't stopped by the store, check out our video of the new store setup on Facebook.

robin b. clothier boutique clothing store


We have been working hard on improving our website.  You may have noticed a change in the navigation.  Now when you visit the site you will see our product categories listed across the top, our upcoming events are listed under the "about" header, as well as there is now a direct link to our blog. (no more searching). We would love to hear what you think...send us a message via the site or via Instagram or Facebook.


The first stroll of the season was May 7th!  There are some amazing pics of the artwork from the "Chalk the Walk"   I also found a gem for myself that day.  I can't wait to hang this art in my garden.  

art from main street stroll

Our next stroll is June 23rd from 5-8 pm.  We are going to combine this event with our next Sip, Savor, and Style.  Stay tuned as we are working on all the details and will share more next week.


Last but not least - our Designer of the Month is T.Jazelle. 

TJazelle at robin b. clothier

We love these easy to wear designs!  Made in the US (Cape Cod) with semi-precious stones, gold, silver, and rose gold.  New for Spring/Summer are these beautiful crystal necklaces, anklets, and chokers.  The perfect addition to any summer wardrobe.  Stop by to see for yourself!

Next week, more about our Sip, Savor, and Style...

Until then...Love and Karma!

robin b.



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