The 3 Fair Trade Fashion Brands You Need in Your Closet

The 3 Fair Trade Fashion Brands You Need in Your Closet

by Robin Barrett Wilson August 30, 2016 0 Comments

Have you heard? Green is the new black! “Fair trade” isn't just a philosophy saved for coffee beans and chocolate – it’s quickly taking over the fashion world and changing the way we shop.

No longer is ethical fashion synonymous with itchy, hemp ponchos and shapeless, sad mumus. A number of talented designers are creating ultra-chic boutique clothing labels that feature gorgeous pieces you’ll not only feel good buying, but love wearing!

At robin b., we pride ourselves in carrying these fashion-forward brands that are pushing back against sweatshops and making a difference. Here are our favorite 3 fair trade fashion brands you NEED in your closet:

 Fair trade boutique clothing brand - Indigenous [A sneak peek at our Indigenous Fall 2016 arrivals!]


Kicking off our list of must-have fair trade fashion brands is Indigenous. Proving that eco-friendly doesn’t have to be granola, Indigenous marries the worlds of ethical and luxury clothing. This altruistic brand is committed to accountability on all fronts – from production right through to transparency with its customers.

From the very start, Indigenous holds itself accountable, partnering with artisan cooperatives and supporting fair production in some of the world’s poorest countries. The brand promises that work conditions are safe and revenue is shared in order to enrich the lives of those making the clothing.

Using organic natural fibers like cotton, merino wool, alpaca, and silk, every thread in Indigenous clothing is environmentally friendly and free of pesticides. The company’s commitment to using low-impact dyes and waste water filtration ensures that the manufacturing process never harms the communities in which the clothing is produced. Not only do these practices protect the environment, they also provide more for you, our customers! These superior fabrics and safe practices ensure that your clothing feels even better than it looks.

 Fair trade boutique clothing - Encircled [ @teachme_style wearing Encircled's Dressy Sweatpants]


Fighting back against the “buy cheap, buy often” philosophy of fast fashion, Encircled believes in a mindful approach to design. Refreshing, isn’t it? Each item of clothing is made through small batch production to ensure safe work conditions and quality pieces. Ethically produced in Toronto, this travel brand is all about versatile pieces that allow you to pack light and live a fuller life.


Fair Trade boutique clothing brand - Jenny Krauss

Jenny Krauss

No ethical outfit is complete without accessories, right? Jenny Krauss rounds out our list with their collection of fair trade fashion additions. Jenny Krauss works with the indigenous communities in rural South America to create jobs and opportunities for growth. Collaborating with local artisans, this fair trade company pays for orders upfront so that their small business owners aren’t forced into the trap of financing. Best of all, Jenny Krauss concentrates on a select few regions to ensure that artists have work year-round to support their families and communities. From hand woven purses to detailed, delicate belts, each item from this ethical boutique clothing brand is made with sustainability in mind.

 Fair Trade fashion - robin b.  

Fair Trade and robin b.

Guess what? We believe in fair trade here at robin b., too! Not only do we buy mindfully from committed, ethical designers, but we pay for our orders upfront so they can continue producing beautiful pieces. We also believe that our passionate interns should be recognized for their hard work and deserve to be treated with the same respect as any wonderful employee. That’s why we insist on paying our interns while they learn the ins and outs of the fashion world. Karma!


We’re constantly adding new fair trade styles and fresh designers to our store, so be sure to follow along on InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest to see what’s new! For more ethical fashion, stop by our Rhode Island location or shop online.

Robin Barrett Wilson


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