3 Fashion Trends to Add to Your Wardrobe for 2018

3 Fashion Trends to Add to Your Wardrobe for 2018

by Robin Barrett Wilson January 29, 2018 0 Comments

I love spring! The weather gets warmer and we start to peel away the layers. It is also a great time to add those new trends to your wardrobe. Since I am someone who likes to build on the essentials in my wardrobe (and not replace everything every season), I decided to focus on some trends that are popping up for 2018 and share how I am going to incorporate them into my wardrobe. 


ultra violet - pantone color of the year

Color is very big this year. Although Ultraviolet, Pantone’s color of the year, sounds light and airy, it’s not. It is rich, vibrant and bold. As usual, you can find all sorts of items for your home and your wardrobe in this chosen color.

Since this trend changes every year, I usually purchase one or two statement pieces that can take me throughout the year. However, this year is different because Ultraviolet (or what I would call purple) is my favorite color. I already have a lot of this color in my wardrobe (the watch above, for example, I already own) and can’t wait to add more to my collection.  The great news is this color will mix with all of my neutrals (especially my black skinny pants and pencil skirt) as well as the very big assortment of denim I have in my closet. I am especially excited to see these shoes with my white Parker Smith jeans that are scheduled to arrive in March.

red for spring 2018

So, what do you do if you don’t like Ultraviolet? Don’t worry, there are a few other colors that are coming up a close second. Red is going to be very prominent this year and you will see this color everywhere. 

orange for spring 2018

If you are like me (a redhead, with light skin) and can’t wear red, orange and camel are strong contenders. Adding one of these colors to your wardrobe will help you to feel fresh and updated this year.


denim trends for spring 2018

I couldn’t talk about trends without including my favorite wardrobe essential, jeans! I am pleased to share that this year it is all about being fancy and embellished and adding jeans to your “night out” look (tuxedo stripe, anyone?)

Adding a twisted hem or embellishment to your jeans elevates your look. I wouldn’t shy away from these trends, as you can take these to a whole new level for a night out. Paired with your favorite stilettos or sandals, you are sure to make a statement. A reminder, if the jean is fuller on the bottom (like the pair in the middle, above) keep your top sleek and close to the body. This will give you a taller, leaner look.

colored jeans for spring 2018

Colored jeans are making their way back. It's funny, when I worked at Lee Jeans (more than 20 years ago) colored jeans were all the rage. In recent years, I have seen this trend struggle. My hope is this year will be the year customers embrace it. Colored jeans are great for that casual office day, dinner out and when you don’t want to show up in a traditional denim color. Let’s face it, black has been a staple for years. Why not make way for cream, rose and olive? Pair these colors with your basics (black, grey, white) and you will find a way to add these trends into your weekly looks more often.

One final comment about jeans for 2018.  All silhouettes are in! Skinny, cropped, wide leg, straight legs were all seen on the runway and during our buying trips. My advice, choose the look you prefer and have fun with it.


layered necklaces for 2018

This year is about belt bags (the fanny pack reinvented, sigh!) but before I get into this trend I thought I would focus on two of my favorites. The first, layering of necklaces. If you are anything like me, your jewelry box if full of jewelry. I happen to love rings and necklaces and have so many that I have stopped counting. I love this layering trend because now I can enjoy more of my pieces all at once. Take a tip or two from Rihanna and Kim Kardashian and just keep adding.

Sunglasses are also in the spotlight lately.  (Did you see Susan Sarandon at the SAG awards? Boy, did she get lots of mixed reviews.) This year sunglasses are getting smaller and futuristic. My advice, be careful with this style or you may look like a groupie for The Matrix.

belt packs for spring 2018

The last trend I will touch on is belt packs. In the 80’s we called them fanny packs. As you might imagine from my earlier comment, this is a trend I am going to skip. Let’s face it, this is one that should stay in the archives. You need to be 100% fashion-forward to carry this one off and if you are just a bit too messy, slouchy, or under-dressed you will definitely look like a tourist. 

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