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| Posted by Kari DiMarzio

3 Simple Ways to Wear the Perfect Black Skirt


As my style evolves, I am finding that basics go a long way.  For example, a simple black skirt, can be worn in so many different ways. This black A-line skirt designed by former Project Runway contestant, Amanda Perna, is the only skirt you will need to achieve these 3 perfect looks.

My two favorite things about the skirt are the pockets and structure. The pockets give the skirt a more casual edge but are well hidden, giving the skirt a clean and classy feel. As for the structure, the design and hem adds to the flow of the garment beautifully while keeping to its sophisticated shape.

Take a look at the 3 simple ways I incorporated the skirt into my own wardrobe!


Danielle Skirt

Channel your fashionista side with this Audrey Hepburn styled outfit. An elegant and timeless look that will never go never go out of style! Dress it up or dress it down with fun accessories or just a simple statement piece. Either way, you will be sure to turn heads! Follow this trend by sticking to neutral colors and simple designs. If you are having trouble finding the perfect top, a basic black long or short sleeve top will do the job! I highly recommend the tops designed by robin b. clothier.  As for accessories, simple pearls and classic sunglasses will add to the look.  

Capture your hepburn style


Street Style

Dare to stand out in this street styled look! Pairing sneakers with a skirt seems to be the new latest trend. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect pair of sneakers, I tend to resort to converse. They go with everything and come in so many great colors! Follow this trend by making bold color and pattern choices. For a toned down look, stick to a simple black and white theme.  Here are some great suggestions to complete the look.

Street style for the black skirt


Transition to fall pic

The cooler months seem far away, but it is never too soon to start thinking about future outfits. Add this skirt to your wardrobe to enhance your Fall & Winter style! I paired it with simple black tights, a scarf, ballet flats and a light sweater, perfect for the cool Fall weather. For the winter look, switch it up and pair it with boots, and a jacket!  

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