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4 Women Changing the Face of Fashion and Beauty

Girl Boss
(Noun): | ‘Gurl ‘Baus |
“A Girl Boss is female who is in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it and supports other women as she builds her own empire.” 

At robin b., we are inspired by women who are working hard to steer their life in the direction they’ve always dreamed of. We love supporting other ladies who are determined to carve out a name for themselves and applaud those putting in the hours to change their industry. That’s why we jump on any opportunity to add another fabulous female-run brand to our store.

This week, in celebration of Girl Bosses everywhere, we’re sharing 4 such women who are truly changing the face of fashion:


Parker Smith Denim CEO

Mary Ellen Moschetti of Parker Smith

Like most entrepreneurs, Mary Ellen Moschetti started Parker Smith to solve her own problem: she loved high-end denim but struggled to find that perfect fit. Knowing that she wasn’t alone in her frustration, she launched her own line of premium jeans, paying special attention to achieving that flattering fit for all shapes of women. Her thoughtful designs quickly found themselves catching the eyes of fashion insiders, earning awards from People Stylewatch and winning the hearts of chic celebrities including Gigi Hadid, Lupita Nyong’o, and Cindy Crawford.

Aligning with our vision, Parker Smith employs mindful practices in the manufacturing of their denim. Mary sits as CEO of the company and is hands on throughout all areas of production – from importing the finest eco-friendly fibers to the overseeing production in downtown Los Angeles.


Karen Zambos

Karen Zambos

Karen Zambos didn’t get her start as a designer. Rather, she jumped into the world of fashion on the other side of retail as a buyer for a high-end boutique. This insider role made it clear to Karen that women were always in search of pieces that were fashion-forward, yet effortless, so she began reworking vintage pieces to be just that. A true Girl Boss, Karen Zambos says her success is a result of believing in her work and navigating the industry one-step at a time.

Kimberly of Porcelain and Stone

Kimberly Huestis of Porcelain and Stone

From an architecture student to heading her own company, Kimberly Huestis has mastered the (literal) art of marrying organic elements with minimalist jewelry. She launched her handmade line, Porcelain and Stone, after running out of reasons not to! While she’s said she used to avoid things that were “too girly”, Kimberly embraced her femininity and channeled it into a successful business.

robin b.

 Robin Barrett Wilson of robin b.

Of course we can’t leave out our very own Robin Barrett Wilson! The founder of robin b. – both the boutique and the clothing line – Robin launched her self-named ventures after a lifetime of working for and with retailers. Not being able to find the fair-trade, USA-made pieces she was searching for, Robin decided to start her own boutique of mindfully designed and manufactured pieces.

Taking her vision of entrepreneurship one step further, Robin set out to design her own line of well-made basics. You can currently shop her not-so-basic basic tees (that took 2 months just to design!) made out of eco-friendly modal and crafted for a flattering fit. We will be seeing much more of her classic, staple pieces arriving in the spring.


For more gorgeous designs by truly remarkable women, stop by our Rhode Island boutique or browse our new arrivals online! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of our latest posts and upcoming promotions!  

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