5 Unexpected Hostess Gifts for Your Next Summer Gathering

5 Unexpected Hostess Gifts for Your Next Summer Gathering

by Robin Barrett Wilson August 11, 2016 0 Comments

gift guide: unique hostess gifts for summer

August quickly fills our calendars with a slew of warm-weather events. From cottage-warmings to backyard BBQs, we can bet that your weekends are packed with a number of summer soirees. As with every get-together, you’ll be wracking your brain trying to come up with unique hostess gifts as a token of your thanks for throwing another perfect gathering.

Don’t stress. As always, Robin has your back! We’ve compiled the ultimate gift guide for your favorite summer hostess. Rather than showing up with just a bottle of wine (though, let’s be honest, we wouldn’t mind!) pop into our East Greenwich boutique and pick up something unique and unexpected. We promise that if you arrive with one of these gorgeous host and hostess gifts in hand, you’re sure to be invited back!

Unique Hostess Gifts - Coasters

1. Colorful Coasters

Gift your gracious hosts a piece of art that’s both functional and beautiful! We love these Botticino Marble coasters by artist Jessica Hollander. The vibrant, colorful design turns a simple home accessory into a decorative piece that makes a statement. Your hostess will be thrilled to lay these out at her next party for her guests to enjoy! Simply wrap them up in a box with a bottle of wine and you’re sure to win the award for the best hostess gifts!

Unique Hostess Gifts - Hand-made mug

2. A Cup of Joe

The morning after an evening of entertaining, we’re all reaching for one vital necessity: coffee! Plan ahead and come baring everyone's saving grace. A hand painted coffee mug, like our poetry cup by Zpots and Vnoelle, accompanied by a premium bag of coffee beans makes for a thoughtful thank you gift that your friend will thoroughly appreciate.

Unique Hostess Gifts - Cottage Pillows

3. Perfect Pillows

A bright pair set of mismatched pillows is the perfect hostess gift for a cottage weekend. Choose designs that use bright, summery patterns. We love this Dandelions on Aqua pillow – it truly encapsulates the aesthetic of classic Rhode Island cottage décor. Unlike your standard, edible gifts, these are truly unexpected and will be enjoyed for years to come.

Unique Hostess Gifts - Soy Candle

4. An Indulgent Candle

Treat your host and hostess to something luxurious that they wouldn’t normally purchase for themselves – an indulgent candle (Violet by LE FEAU DE L’EAU is my favorite!). A vibrant soy candle is not only a delicate décor piece, but will also enhance the atmosphere. If your hostess entertains often, she’ll appreciate a gift that will set the tone and create ambiance during her next get-together. The best part is, you can find one at almost every price point!

Unique Hostess Gifts - Bath Set

5. A Soothing Spa Experience 

After a full day (or several) of preparation and a night of entertaining, your gracious hosts deserve to be treated to a soothing spa experience! For the woman who loves to pamper herself, allow her to indulge with a rich bath set. Rather than settle for any old products, choose ones that contain therapeutic minerals and beautiful aromas. Detoxifying blends like our Milk Bath Set by Fig+Yarrow spark the ideal excuse to unwind after the weekend’s festivities. 

Whatever the occasion, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for at robin b. clothier. Shop online or pop into our Rhode Island boutique and we would be delighted to help you pick out the perfect, unique hostess gift!


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