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Be More with Less: How to Simplify Your Wardrobe

Ask almost any fashion designer or insider what the secret is to getting the most out of your closet, and I guarantee they’ll tell you the same thing: curate a small collection of pieces that easily mix and match. Rather than filling your hangers with seldom-worn items, build a solid base of staples. Doing so will not only save you precious closet space (and money!) but, when done right, will give you more outfit options than ever.

So what’s the secret?

 Robin in classic staples

Choose Classic Staples

It’s great to rock a trendy piece once in a while but, to build a solid wardrobe that you won’t have to refresh every season, opt for classic pieces. There’s a reason that women swear by owning a little black dress and dark-wash jeans – closet staples will last you years if you choose carefully. Look for timeless cuts that are fashionable, without being trendy, fit your closet’s color palette, and can be worn in a number of ways. Our classic tees by robin b. are a perfect example, cut to look professional under a blazer as well as flatter when worn with jeans on the weekend.


Invest in Quality Pieces

One of the biggest challenges the industry is currently facing is reducing the impact of fast fashion on the environment. Sure, a cheap statement top might seem like a great deal when you buy it but, flash forward a few months and you’ve got another untouched piece hanging in your closet, destined for the landfill. Rather than collecting quantity, focus on quality. Choose items that are well-made and woven with sustainable materials. Ask a shop associate where the piece was made and what dyes it was treated with. Buying well-made clothing is a bit more of an investment, but always delivers an ROI.  

 Robin in classic staples

Before You Purchase, Ask Yourself…

Filter out the impulse items by putting potential new purchases through a control filter. Ask yourself:

  • Does it fit right? Not, will it fit next summer or in 5 pounds, but does it fit in this moment?
  • Do I really love it or just want it?
  • Does it align with my lifestyle?
  • Can I incorporate it with at least 3 different outfits?

Robin in classic staples

Take Inventory Regularly

Every six months, take inventory of your closet and edit what’s already there. Flip through each hanger and be ruthless in removing anything that doesn’t fit, you no longer love, or just doesn’t align with your style. Pro Tip: Turn around all of your clothes on hangers so that the hook end is pointing towards you. When you wear that item, put it back in the closet the correct way. At the end of the season, look for pieces on hangers that are still turned around and you’ll have a thorough idea of which items should be heading straight for the donation bag.


At robin b., we only carry clothing that we know you’ll love, season after season, year after year. Stop by our Rhode Island boutique to find a wide selection of carefully curated pieces that will add to your closet, rather than just fill it. For more insider tips and behind-the-scenes fun, follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, and sign up for our newsletter (you’ll get 15% off!).

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