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| Posted by Robin Barrett Wilson

Behind the Scenes of robin b: Working with a Stylist

This week was an exciting one at robin b. clothier – we had our first one-on-one experience of working with a stylist! Our boutique had the pleasure of hosting Jill Marinelli, a personal stylist, public speaker, and a style correspondent for CBS Providence’s “The Rhode Show”. Jill lives in East Greenwich RI, and was asked by SORI magazine to pair with us to create and present a “south county chic” look for their September issue. 

You can imagine how excited we were to be given the opportunity to work with a well-regarded stylist and be featured on the cover! Well, excitement … then panic! We had so much we still had to do to prepare!

You wouldn’t believe all the work that goes into setting the stage for the perfect photo-shoot. We knew the look we needed to fit the magazine but now we had to come up with our story – what clothes to show Jill? Are we staying true to our brand? How should we model the clothing? What vision did we want to share with the readers of September’s SORI? And the list goes on!

In the days leading up to the shoot, we ramped things up a notch and hustled to check off everything on our to-do list. But, as is always the case, something is bound to go wrong. On the morning of the shoot, my fancy camera I was saving for behind-the-scenes shots died out on me! Thankfully, my iPhone was there to save the day and I was able to capture the highlights of the morning for you. (Tip: Always have a back-up plan!)

Fall Arrivals

The Clothes

Though it’s still too early to merchandise our store for fall, we have received some early arrivals. This year fall is all about the classic colors: navy, olive and grey. I pulled what I thought conveyed the message of Sophisticated Chic and we ran with it!

Jill Marinelli Styling our Designs

The Styling

If you watch Fashion Police (I admit, I do!) after a red carpet event you then know that the biggest critique is always about the color of the gown the famous actress or model chose. “Red matches the carpet. Black doesn’t show the details. Bright colors wash out the actress.” Our challenge was exactly that! We love the fall colors but would they photograph well? Jill was a trooper. Though she, too, was dressed for the cover shot, she didn’t hesitate to get down on the floor to move tags, change around looks, and add accessories.

Stacy and Jill

The Photo Shoot

Stacy, our photographer, arrived ready to go. Let me tell you, working with a professional photographer is a ton of fun! Her imagination and guidance on how to take a great photo is absolutely priceless. After taking Jill through various scenarios, we were able to share with Stacy our vision for the magazine cover’s layout. Of course, SORI has final say in how they present the look but wanted to offer our suggestions.

south county chic

The Final Look

Are you excited to see the final look? You may be surprised by our final interpretations of “south county chic”! Why did we choose what we did? I’ll let you in on our thought process:

September, though still summer, can be quite a bit cooler so we went with this long sleeve cream placket top by Lola and Sophie – the perfect choice for cooler nights. The micro flare jeans by Henry and Belle are perfect for those of us who love the super flare look but don’t want to appear too trendy. We accessorized with a mix of metals, stones, and textures to add a bit of bling. Styling tip: stack your T Jazelle bracelets and compliment them with her crystal pendant! Of course, to top off any outfit, you need the perfect clutch to stash your lipstick and cell phone so we completed the look with this handmade leather clutch by Brave Leather in antique gold. There you have it! What do you think of our cover look?

We would like to thank SORI and Jill Marinelli for the opportunity to work with them both. It was an exciting and fun experience and we can’t wait to see the September issue! 

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