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Designer Spotlight: Brave Leather

It’s no secret that handbags are most woman’s guilty pleasure. Sure, shoes are great but there’s an unbeatable thrill in treating yourself to a stunning handbag you can reach for every day.

As with every piece of clothing that we bring into our boutique, we ensure each handbag we carry aligns with our values and the robin b. philosophy. We admire the way that Brave Leather is changing the fashion industry which is why this month’s designer spotlight is shining bright on this innovative brand.

Here’s why Robin loves Brave Leather:


Brave Leather


Why did you decide to add Brave Leather to your collection of boutique clothing?

You all know that I prefer USA-made companies but this Toronto designer is one I just had to carry. First and foremost, I was blown away with the “hand” of the leather. When I learned that each piece was handmade, I knew Brave Leather would be a feature in robin b. Being all about the classics, I love that they make neutral, everyday totes but throw a gorgeous, trendy piece into the collection. When you buy a Brave Leather bag, you can actually feel the quality and know it will last a lifetime – the brand perfectly aligns with our vision!


Brave Leather

How is Brave Leather changing the fashion industry?

This is one brand that is based on heritage and tradition, but still keeps things modern! Unlike most handbag manufacturers, Brave Leather creates each accessory by hand – there is a lot of love that goes into each piece! The company hires local artisans with immense amounts of talent and compensate them with a fair, living wage. In an industry that is flooded with copycat designs mimicking the looks of luxury designers, Brave Leather’s originality really stands out. And, as if all that weren’t enough, they are ethical in the sourcing of their leather. Each piece is made from materials that are a by-product of the food industry, rather than from an animal sacrificed for its skin. A solid, honest company!


Describe for us the Brave Leather customer.

You are! Our interns are. My mother is. And so am I. The Brave Leather customer is truly every woman. The brand’s handbags are made for those who know quality, adore great designs, and know that the accessories they purchase are truly an investment. She is conscientious, fashion-forward, and wants to feel just as good buying what she wears as she feels in it.


Brave Leather fringe

If you could only pick one Brave Leather piece to splurge on, which would you choose?

I am obsessed with the Jurgen Suede Fringe crossbody in black! It’s a bit of a throwback to the ‘70s and epitomizes boho chic. Purchased in the neutral black or brown, you can wear this fabulous bag with any outfit and is perfect for the woman on the go.


To see our full collection of Brave Leather handbags and accessories, stop by our Rhode Island boutique or shop online! Learn more about our brands, check out our new arrives, and peek some behind-the-scenes action by following along on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!  

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