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| Posted by Robin Barrett Wilson

Designer Spotlight: Lola & Sophie

Boutique Clothing - Lola & Sophie Modern Tunic Dress

If you’ve been following along on our adventure, you’ll know that each designer included in our carefully curated collection of boutique clothing is doing something differently and changing the face of fashion. It’s not easy to break the mold and these innovators should be celebrated!

This month, we’re shining the designer spotlight on contemporary sportswear brand, Lola & Sophie. Created by intuitive New York City designer, Gene Kagan, each piece is mindfully designed for us women of style and individuality. 

Here’s why Robin love’s Lola & Sophie (and why you will, too!):

 Boutique Clothing Brand Profile: Lola & Sophie

We have to know – who are Lola & Sophie?

Lola & Sophie are the designer’s two muses: his dogs! Lucky for us, he chose to design gorgeous women’s clothing rather than chic dog collars

What first drew you to Lola & Sophie?

It was actually one of my wonderful sales reps who first introduced me to the brand. Building a relationship with sales reps are key to buying boutique clothing as they know what you’re looking for long before you even do! Knowing my aesthetic and the values behind robin b., she knew I would love the USA-made Lola & Sophie.

Boutique Clothing - Lola & Sophie for Fall 

Why did you decide to add the brand to your collection of boutique clothing?

First and foremost, before I decide to bring a brand into my store, I think about my customers. I think of you, my audience, and will only carry pieces that fit you and your lifestyle. Lola & Sophie is designed to create a capsule-like wardrobe. Rather than having hundreds of items that work only sometimes, Gene designs an entire closet of pieces that work together and easily transition from day to night and season to season. It’s simple, yet incredibly stylish. 

I’m also careful to only bring in brands that resonate with my mission and align with the purpose of robin b. This modern system of dressing spoke to my philosophy that your closet should consist of good quality staples that will take you anywhere, year after year. The fact that Gene is a designer out of NYC only drew me in further as I love the pulse of the city. It perfectly embodies ‘fashion-forward’.

What is Lola & Sophie doing differently?

In addition to being designed and made right here in the USA, each piece is high-quality but incredibly low maintenance. Most styles can be easily washed at home and hung to dry. When clothing is easy to maintain, it will last you for years and is very eco-friendly. Great style doesn’t have to be fussy!

 Boutique Clothing - Lola & Sophie Modern Tunic Dress

What is your favorite Lola & Sophie piece for fall?

This was the hardest question yet! I’m in love with countless pieces from Lola & Sophie’s fall collection but, if forced, I’d have to say that the Modern Shirt Dress is my current obsession. It comes in a classic black or navy (one of Pantone’s colors for fall!) so it won’t ever clash. It has pockets, making it really practical, and a gorgeous silhouette that’s flattering on everyone. A modern take on the shirt dress, this piece is very low-maintenance – it might be made from luxurious fabric but it’s also machine washable! You can wear it now with bare legs and heels then rock it in the fall with a sleeveless vest, leggings, and boots. It truly is a must-have dress. 


Every fashion lover knows that your clothing makes a statement. Whether it’s an “I mean business” jumpsuit or a flirtatious cut-out top, what you’re wearing speaks long before you do. That’s why we believe in mindful designs that not only make a statement but speak to the soul – thank you, Lola & Sophie, for doing just that.

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