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| Posted by Robin Barrett Wilson

Do You Have Celebrity Style?

I must admit something, I am a POP culture junkie.  I have been for years.  I receive my POPSUGAR news brief and I stop everything to peruse the headlines.  It’s a bit of an escape from the daily undertakings.  As you might imagine, the fashion is the highlight for me.  I love to see what the stars are wearing, how they styled the latest trend and how I might incorporate the look in my everyday life.   The real excitement comes when I find a star wearing a design I have in the store.  I will also admit, it gives me a bit of validation that I do know what’s on trend.  (I’m blushing)

This week’s blog is a bit of a “Who, What, Wear”.  Celebrities I found rockin’ the same designs you can find in our store and why I love the look.


Gigi Hadid in Parker Smith

If you don’t know who Gigi Hadid is I might ask what you have been doing this past year.  We watched her grow up on TV (housewives of Beverly Hills), develop her career into the fashion model she is today (she was a guest model on the Victoria’s Secret runway), and co-host the AMA’s (not her best appearance).  In my opinion, Gigi’s style continues to evolve.  I see her in everything from glamorous gowns to Tommy Hilfiger’s nautical attire.  She looks amazing in most everything.  Over the past year, I have seen her in this rock star look numerous times (one of my favorites).  The Parker Smith, Bombshell Flares, she is wearing are reminiscent of the 70’s, are so on trend.  Perfect for those days when you want to make a statement. 

Miranda Kerr in Parker Smith

Miranda Kerr also loves Parker Smith.  This is just one of the 3 or 4 pictures I have spotted her in wearing their designs.  Of course, this Victoria’s Secret model looks amazing in everything.  What I like about Miranda is her style.  Very accessible and easy to wear.  I can imagine myself wearing a similar outfit while traveling.  (maybe, not the crop top)


Kristen Bell in Junk Food Clothing

Kristen Bell, known for her quick wit and sense of humor (Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a fav) takes the screen print tee to a new level with a black blazer, distressed jeans, and yellow stilettos.  Junk Food Clothing seems to corner the market when it comes to vintage tees.  Soft, comfy and witty, what more could you ask for?

Zendaya in Junk Food Clothing

Kiss is a band that I grew up with.  Like the band, the logo is unmistakable.  It is so surprising to me that 20 somethings love these tees and all the nostalgia that comes along with them.   Zendaya grew up on the Disney Channel and just like those before her (Justin Timberlake, Brittney Spears) has branched out to movies.   I can’t believe I am in tune with that age group. 


Demi Moore in good hYOUman

I bet my younger friends are rolling their eyes.  I can’t help it, Demi Moore remains super cool, in my eyes.  She is fit, beautiful and has great style.  She also knows good hYOUman.  If you don’t, we are excited to share a bit about the company.  good hYOUman was created in memory of David Novek, by his son Brett, in 2011.  Based in LA the garments are also made in LA.  They promise to deliver the highest quality 100% of the time, give back to the community and share your stories (to name a few).  A true feel good brand!

Jenna Dewan Tatum in good hYOUman

Jenna Dewan Tatum is an amazing dancer, has a super cute husband and is adorable in this Thankful sweatshirt by good hYOUman.  Both of these looks show the versatility of the good hYOUman line as well as provoke good thoughts.

As you can see, we have been watching the trends closely.  We are doing our best to bring you designs that will fit your style.  Stop by the store or visit our website to see the latest trends (as well as a few exclusives). 

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Blog by Robin Barrett Wilson

For the past 25 years, Robin has devoted herself to almost every facet of the fashion industry.  Working from the ground up, she has worked for and with some of the most prominent names in the fashion industry (Victoria's Secret, Tory Burch, Chico's Brands, J. Crew - to name a few).  She started in store operations and progressed to buyer before switching to the other side, selling apparel for vendors. At the beginning of the tech craze, she went behind the scenes, consulting with retail companies on eCommerce, Omni-channel and Supply Chain. She’s even designed and developed her own products. It was in 2015, that Robin turned her dedication, expertise, and passion to a new venture: robin b.

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