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Fashion Lesson: How to Wear Mixed Metal Jewelry

Fashion Lesson: How to Wear Mixed Metal Jewelry

by Robin Barrett Wilson November 26, 2016 0 Comments

Having worked in the fashion industry for all of my adult life, you can bet that I’ve heard every fashion ‘rule’ there is. “Don’t wear white after Labor Day”, “Don’t wear navy with black” and, *gasp*, “Definitely don’t go mixing metals!”

But… rules were made to be broken, right?

Despite the fact that combining silver and gold is now much more mainstream and super on-trend, I still hear a lot of women looking for tips on how to "make it work" (to quote Tim Gunn).  With holiday parties around the corner, here are a few tips on how mixed metals can be a part of that special look.

How to Wear Mixed Metals - Choose one unifying piece


Wear One Unifying Piece

The best place to start is to find one piece that blends both metals together. Find just one statement piece that combines both gold and silver (or any other metals you plan on styling) and the hard part is already done for you. By adding one unifying piece to your stacks, the mixed metals will look purposeful rather than haphazard.

Having a delicate, mixed piece like our Kendra Phillip Two-Tone Cuff is also incredibly practical if you lean towards one metal – if your jewelry box consists mostly of silver or you wear a platinum ring, you’ll have that one piece to tie together a spontaneous gold necklace should one catch your eye.


How to Wear Mixed Metals - Stack, stack, stack!

Stack Your Metals Together

Layers will always make an outfit look intentional! Try combining metals with a fun arm party or by stacking necklaces. Mix a gold bracelet with a silver watch or rock rings in different tones. The secret to effortlessly pulling this mixed metals look off is opting for various textures and shapes. We love pairing this geometric Jade bracelet with our sleek, silver Blythe style. Add in playful chain and ball bracelets and you’re mixing metals like a pro!


How to Wear Mixed Metals - Mix in metallic accessories 

Mix in Metal Tone Accessories

It doesn’t just stop with metal jewelry – you can amp up your look by swapping in metallic accessories. That same stack of bracelets looks even more beautiful when we add in a chrome Andrea Valentini bag.


How to Wear Mixed Metals - Don't stress over hardware

Mismatch Your Hardware

While we’re talking accessories, take a look at your hardware. It’s never worth stressing about whether your gold boot buckles clash with the silver nameplate on your bag – they don’t! Again, if you make the mixing look intentional then it’ll come off as nothing but chic.


How to Wear Mixed Metals - Layer your lengths

Layer Your Lengths

Let’s take layering to new lengths… literally! Introduce contrasting metals into your outfit by wearing necklaces in varying lengths. Pair a choker with a delicate, long tassel necklace or wear a shorter bronze number with silver strands like I did here. The layers of necklaces will look thought out and turn your mixed metal jewelry into a confident statement look.

Want additional styling tips for your upcoming holiday events?  Join us on March 7th from 5-7 pm for our Sip, Savor, and Style event. Alyssa Racine from Kendra Phillip Designs will be joining us with additional designs from their collection.  

 For more fashion tips, tricks and insider secrets, be sure to sign up for our newsletter. ‘Til next time!

Robin Barrett Wilson


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