How dressing the part can help you land your next job!

How dressing the part can help you land your next job!

by Robin Barrett Wilson September 11, 2017 0 Comments

So, What do you wear on an interview? I loved this topic so much, along with my tips below, I have included a video that gives you additional ideas on this topic. All in all, 6 different looks!

The Inspiration

According to an article on, the average person changes jobs ten to fifteen times (with an average of 12 job changes) during his or her career. I found this statistic after I met a customer in the store and she was looking for a new outfit for an upcoming job interview. Her dilemma, she was going from a very formal office environment to something more casual. The job description actually had a dress code included. Something I found refreshing. Her expectations were spelled out. Her concern about overdressing or underdressing, which can just add additional stress to the interview, was alleviated.  


This got me to thinking about the various dress code standards different industries infer. With all that has evolved in the work place, what do you wear for an interview? For me, the last 15+ years have been in technology. As a sales executive, the expectation was much different from the programmer who is adding the latest functionality. I had to look professional, not overly stuffy, but on-trend (I worked with retailers). This look of professionalism was perceived as trust, reliability and confidence (little did they know, I got stage fright every presentation). There are so many standards (or lack of) that it just gets confusing. For me, interviews always included a pencil skirt (usually black), and neutral colored top or blouse. If it was cooler I would add a blazer that either matched the skirt or blouse. I wanted to be remembered for my industry knowledge and not get caught up in someone being distracted by my outfit. Once I got the job my dress was a bit more relaxed while in the office but not too relaxed, as that was (silently) frowned upon.  

This leads me to; what do you wear to an interview? My answer, it depends! (I know, not very helpful, stay with me) My opinion, it depends on the position you are interviewing for and the company doing the hiring. Here are my tips on what to wear to that next interview, based on the position. 


Interview Styling Tips for that dream Finance Job

Whether you are watching the latest stock tips on TV or visiting a financial advisor they will probably have a more conservative wardrobe. Although it is no longer required to wear a formal suit, women are still wearing skirts (often), heels and most likely have some sort of blazer or cardigan. Wearing jeans to the office probably won’t cut it. Let’s be honest, we all want the person who is going to help us make more money to be well-dressed. It instills confidence in our choices and them.


Marketing executive interview styling tips

The creative world of marketing has given those of us who are a bit more fashion-forward the nod to really show our personality through our wardrobe. I find there is a “uniform” for these dynamic individuals. It has become common place to see these female executives in similar colors and silhouettes daily (think Steve Jobs). My suggestion is to invest in your favorite bomber jacket, military jacket or fur vest to really add some color and texture to this look. 

Technology Executive

What to wear on an interview for the tech exec

The technology world has become at the forefront of our economy. We are starting to see more and more women entering the software engineering field. We are also seeing these women taking over the lead in some of the most prominent technology companies in the industry (can I hear a Yippee!!). In my experience in the tech world, these women tend to be a bit more conservative and sportier which tends to project confidence and disarm the audience. I don’t know about you, but talking about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be a bit “over my head”. A more laid back but put together wardrobe can really help these execs rise to the top. You hear the person and don’t get distracted by the #OOTD. 

Have a job interview for a position not listed, and want some additional ideas on what to wear for an interview, leave a comment below or email us (, we would love to help you get that dream job.

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