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How to Dress for Casual Friday and Still Look Professional

Friday! The fifth day of the week. An early start to the weekend. A reason to dress casual to work. These statements are all true. In fact, if you hop on Pinterest you will see all sorts of magnificent quotes about Fashion and Friday. My favorite, Friday is my second favorite F-word, Fashion being #1. (Yes, you can buy that t-shirt) I also find Friday is a day to reflect on the week, review the list of to-do’s (there is always something I pushed off) and get those last minute reports done. The one thing it doesn’t mean, forgetting my personal dress code. If you have been following me, you know, I am passionate about always “dressing” the part. Even on casual Friday. Which leads to the question? How should you dress for Casual Friday?

For me, casual Friday gives me the “pass” to pull out my favorite pair of jeans (want to know how to pick the perfect pair of jeans, check out how to pick the perfect pair of jeans for every occasion) and build my look around this staple. However, this is not a time to go super trendy and show off my patchwork or distressed denim. I prefer a clean look.  Dark denim has made its way back into my wardrobe this fall (and it should for you too, very on-trend) and I am loving how lean they make me look. I like this dark wash in both a skinny and straight leg. The versatility is endless.

The looks I have pulled together are geared towards certain office types. There is no doubt, every office has its own vibe and standard. My big take away, remember your own personal “dress code”. Keeping your standards high will always serve you well. See below for my Casual Friday style tips.

Casual Friday Dress Code #1: Work from Home

How to Dress for Casual Friday at Home Office

If you work from home, like I do on Fridays, I have learned it is important to stay in a routine. That includes my #OOTD (outfit of the day). I am the type of person who gets up, works out (need to get better at this), makes the bed, straightens the house, showers, and dresses for the day. You won’t find me in my PJ’s at 4 pm. It just doesn’t help me feel productive. Not to mention, what if I do have an impromptu Skype call? Not good to show up with bedhead and cats on the PJ’s. Typically, you will find me in my “uniform”. Black t-shirt, jeans and my favorite piece of jewelry or scarf, sometimes both.

Casual Friday Dress Code #2: Corporate Office

How to Dress for Casual Friday at Corporate Office

If you are lucky enough to have a corporate office that embraces Casual Friday then jeans will fit. Again, nothing too trendy or over the top. I would stick with those dark washed jeans in a straight leg or flare. Add your favorite blazer over a tank or sleeveless bodysuit and you will be ready to negotiate that contract that needs to be finalized. Remember, it is all about looking polished. No one will ever accuse you of being too “dressed down” with a blazer on.

Casual Friday Dress Code #3: Casual Office

How to Dress for Casual Friday at Casual Office and Workplace

I find a casual office environment to be the most challenging to dress for, even on casual Friday. You can find everything from t-shirt dresses to shorts in these modern-day offices. I still suggest you stick to your “uniform”. Create your own dress code and stick with it. Try not to fall into the “let’s be like everyone else” flow. You want to stand out to your boss, the top-level execs and your peers. For this work space, I would wear skinny jeans (again, pick a dark wash) and add a tunic. This flowy look will appear more casual, yet you will be maintaining your standard.

Want some advice about what to wear to your office for casual Friday, leave a comment below or email us (, we would love to help you build the perfect outfit.



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