Today's Jeans:  How to Wear Them and Finding the Perfect Fit

Today's Jeans: How to Wear Them and Finding the Perfect Fit

by Robin Barrett Wilson October 27, 2017 0 Comments

If you have been following my blogs for the past year, you know I love jeans! I have too many in my closet to count.  If I am not wearing all black, I am pairing my latest pair of favorite jeans with black. (see the trend – big smile) Jeans can be appropriate for most occasions (if you pick the right pair) and can be dressed up or down.  Perfect for every women’s wardrobe.

I am excited to share that for fall17 and spring18 designers are really pushing the envelope when it comes to the details they are adding to jeans.  Everything from tuxedo stripes in velvet to lace up hems are in. So, how do you wear the latest trends and find the right fit? This week, I tackle both. 


Twisted Tuxedo Denim Parker Smith

Oh, so chic, so trendy and so perfect for Fall and the Holiday season.  This Parker Smith jean with the twisted seam and velvet tuxedo stripe is perfect for this time of year. Complete the look with pumps and a black blazer and you will be sure to turn heads.

Raw Edge Straight by Parker Smith

Every woman is a Boss Lady!  These Raw Edge Straight have a higher rise and easier fit.  The frayed hem just adds the right amount of flare.  Perfect with heels, mules or your favorite converse.

Twisted seam by Parker Smith

Yippee!  Dark wash is back.  This color coupled with a frayed uneven hem has quickly become my favorite of the season.  Wear this silhouette with booties, heels or flats and the dark wash is office approved. 


I tackled the topic of fit back in January (you can read that blog here), however it is always good to revisit a few tried and true tips: 

  1. Bring or wear, the shoes you plan on wearing with your new jeans with you to the store. Or if ordering online, you have the convenience of trying various pairs in your closet. Remember, a shoe completes the look. Get a glass of wine, ask the girls over and play dress up.
  2. If you have to hem your jeans (and lots of women do) be sure your tailor knows how to execute.  A really good tailor will be able to keep the original hem in tact.
  3. Be sure to fall in love with your jeans. While trying them on, sit in them, try them with different tops and blazers.  Think about what you will be wearing them with and when.  If you fall in love with your jeans, you will wear them often. 


Celebrities in Parker Smith

We love what Parker Smith is doing for the denim world. Jeans that fit women of various shapes and ages. Their hashtag #theperfectfit couldn't be more appropriate. Even celebrities have embraced the brand. 

Since we love denim so much we wanted to share our styling tips.  Below we have added a few of our own ideas as well as our recent video on ways to style your denim for work, weekends and date night.


Black Blazer and Parker Smith Jeans

This is a timeless, classic look.  We paired our essential black blazer and ava skinny jeans by Parker Smith with a classic black turtleneck and booties. Drinks after work, out with the girls or date night, perfect!  

 For a few more denim styling tips view our video below!

I will leave you with one last tip. Remember, "Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman".  - Coco Chanel 

Want some advice about what to wear with your next pair of jeans, leave a comment below or email us (, we would love to help you build the perfect outfit.


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