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How to Wear Vintage Trends Today - Part 1

With each new decade we see new trends that rise to the surface.   Some are unlike any others we’ve seen before, others are all too familiar. Of course, there are some cringe-worthy fads that come and go in a matter of months.  Then there are some styles that we just can’t seem to leave in the past.

These "repeat" trends continuously pop up in mainstream fashion every few years, they may be altered slightly each time, but they are certainly reminiscent of the generations before us. Often times the same trend may go in and out of style numerous times in just one lifetime, and you might find yourself wearing those high wasted jeans you swore you would never wear again.  

In 2016 we have learned from our past fashion mistakes, as well as gotten some great inspiration from the last 50 years. Our first walk down memory lane is from the 1960's. I am wondering how many of these trends are in your wardrobe today.  


Tie Dye Examples

Tie-dye made its big debut in the 1960's but did anyone really anticipate it sticking around for 50 more years? As the years progressed, we seemed to have mellowed when it comes to our color choices for tie-dye, one or two colors vs the rainbow colored tie-dye of the 60's. The dual colored pattern is still very popular today and has been seen on celebrities like Reese Witherspoon shown above.

Our tip, follow this trend by avoiding overwhelming colors and stick to two-tone tie-dye patters, like our hi-lo hem dress by Integrity.


The Shift Dress

Fashion icon Jackie Kennedy made statements with her outfit choices 50 years ago and she still continues to inspire style enthusiasts today. This decade seems to love hip-hugging dresses, however, there will always be a place in our hearts and a space in our closets for a classic shift dress. Shift dresses are simple pieces that exude elegance, because of that, they are frequently worn by celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton, and Amal Clooney.

Our Tip, add a bit uniqueness to your look and try a patterned shift dress like our Ronen Chen dress shown above.  You will be sure to stand out at any event.


Fringe Examples

Fringe can arguably be one of the most dominant style trends taking over 2016. The bohemian style has been growing in popularity over the past few years and the look is not complete unless fringe is involved! In the 1960's, fringe was made popular by icons like Cher and Twiggy. Today, fringe is frequently seen on fashion runways around the world and on celebrities everywhere. This vintage trend is now found in multiple fabrics and is on everything from skirts, to dresses, to handbags.

Our Tip, want to add a bit of bohemian to your look without being over the top, try a classic suede fringe handbag like ours by Brave Leather.  Just one fringe item can change the vibe of any outfit.  

Our final tip, think twice before throwing out that dress that just went out of style, it could be back in style before you know it!

For those of you who didn’t save all these trend setting pieces from the past, don’t worry, we have them all available for you here!

{pics of celebrities found on Pinterest)

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