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| Posted by Melissa Calise

How to Wear Vintage Trends Today - Part 4

We are wrapping up our first blog series with high waisted jeans (yes, they are back) floral tops and flannel (did flannel ever go out of style?).  Melissa has done an amazing job on this series and I look forward to seeing her version of these trends in the store.

Better get your friends to view this one...definitely a blast from the more, recent past.


high-waisted denim

As the year’s pass, everyday clothing tends to become more casual, this was evident throughout the 1990's. Denim was worn for almost all occasions and the most popular style was high-waisted! Some people cringe at the thought of 1990's high-wasted denim, but this trend is back, however, we’ve made some essential changes to this trend.

Our tip, branch away from the baggy and unstructured silhouette of the 1990's, and choose form-fitting and flattering denim, like our classic black Henry and Belle high-waisted skinny jeans.


Floral Top

Kelly Kapowski paired her high-waisted denim with a floral crop top on Saved by the Bell. Floral patterned tops are another style that are commonly seen in 2016, just as they were in the 90's, however, we made some slight changes to this trend, just as we did with high-waisted denim. On-trend floral tops aren't quite as cropped as they once were in the 90's, they also feature much more subdued floral patterns that are perfect for a day in the office or even a night out!

Our tip, modify over-sized and loud floral prints from the 90's to simplistic micro-floral prints like the pattern of our Kate Top by Karen Zambos.



Last but not least, we have flannel button-downs that have once again gained popularity. Today’s flannels are inspired by styles we commonly saw in the 1990's. This 90's trend is almost perfect so we’ve made little-to-no changes to them in 2016. In fact, you can even get away with wearing the very same ones you wore in the 90's! Jennifer Aniston proudly wore her flannels in the 1990's and still does today! Our flannel by Aratta would fit in perfectly in the 1990's, 2016, and for more decades down the road!

Our tip, to keep flannels more modern, be sure to wear a more structured and feminine silhouette!

{pics of celebrities from pinterest}


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