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| Posted by Robin Barrett Wilson

I Met Patty J.

Bloggers, influencers, and Social Media (the Kardashian phenom, anyone), all stuff that wasn't around when I was "growing up" in this world of fashion.  I am happy to report, you a can teach old dogs new tricks (at least I hope I am learning!).  

I was thrilled to meet local RI blogger Patty J ( a couple of weeks ago. This was my first meeting, face to face, with a local celebrity (or any celebrity for that matter) and I was excited to meet her. She, like me, is a native Rhode Islander who has a passion for experiencing all that is new.

Patty was kind enough to include me, my RI loves and a few of my style tips in one of her recent blogs. In Patty's style, this is an easy read full of useful tidbits.  I hope you enjoy reading my first "spotlight" interview. Stay tuned for a future collaboration from Patty J and me.  

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