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| Posted by Robin Barrett Wilson

The Meaning of Blue in the Fashion World

Blue. It's a must-have color in every closet and is the anchor shade in Pantone's fall color report. It’s wearable, it’s chic, and it’s always in season. But, aside from its magnificent ability to compliment almost any person’s complexion, have you ever wondered why the blue palette is favored by the fashion world?

There’s much more to each season’s colors than what’s on the surface. Beyond visuals, we subconsciously associate colors with moods and feelings. The right shade has the power to energize, calm, or inspire us. Sure, designers and industry insiders are curating a complimentary color palette within their designs but they’re also choosing a careful mix of colors that will set the stage and tell a story for the upcoming season.

This fall, the fashion world’s palette is led by the Pantone blue family with featured shades of Riverside and Airy Blue. Deep navy, rich royals, and whimsical slates are popping up everywhere – from the runway through to home décor – promising a timelessness that will keep these hues on-trend for years to come. 

This week we’re breaking down the meaning of blue and digging deeper into what the world’s most popular color evokes:


The meaning of blue - light jeans convey serenity and calm

Calm and Serene

The ultimate stress-fighter, airy and subdued shades of blue naturally bring about a sense of calm and serenity. Hues that are associated with the sky and the sea have the ability to make those wearing it and people who come into contact with them feel peaceful and content. This is why we dress babies in pastel blues and why you’ll find these shades sprinkled throughout beachside cottages and decorating relaxing spas. To capture that feeling of tranquility, dress yourself in shades like cerulean blue, robin’s egg, sky blue, and powder blue, leaning towards the lighter, more subdued side of the spectrum. A pair of jeans in a light wash will help you achieve this perfectly!


Meaning of blue - Strong shades evoke self confidence 

Self Confident and Ambitious

Transcending gender, there is a sense of strength in the deeper and vibrant tones of fall blue. While cool and calming, the Riverside Pantone blue also feels stable and powerful. Shades such steel and navy can awaken ambition. Those more colorful pops like royal blue and cobalt will excite an unrivaled self-confidence. In moments for which you want to convey a subtle steadiness and strength, such as at an important business meeting, choose a power item in a deep blue like our Modern Shirt Dress in Midnight.


Meaning of blue - Blue jewelry evokes the feelings of loyalty and trust

Loyal and Trusting

It’s no coincidence that police uniforms are traditionally blue or that Tiffany & Co. chose this shade to wrap up tokens of love. Strong hues of blue represent a constancy, like the blue sky above us. This is why these shades strongly convey a sense of loyalty and trust. Opt for trusting tones in the blue palette when you’re dressing to attend a job interview or choose jewelry in this color family as a gift for a special friend.  


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