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Top 5 Blogs of 2016

This was an exciting year for robin b., and a year of milestones.  One that I am super proud of, and can't believe I accomplished, is adding blogs to the site.  I must admit, I am not a writer (or so I thought) and the idea of adding content about a certain subject had me running for the hills! But alas, what we fear most and overcome is what makes us stronger.  (FYI - I totally believe that!).

So, to celebrate, I thought I would share with you the top 5 blogs of 2016!  

5: Behind the Scenes of robin b.: Working with a Stylist

behind the scenes at robin b.: working with a stylist

Our boutique had the pleasure of hosting Jill Marinelli, a personal stylist, public speaker, and a style correspondent for CBS Providence’s “The Rhode Show” in September.  In this blog we recap our visit with Jill, what went as planned, and what we learned about having a back up plan!  

4: Four Women Changing the Face of Fashion

women changing the face of fashion

I bet you can guess?  This blog is about 4 women designers/owners who are making it happen in the world of fashion.  We were inspired and hope you will be too.  

3: One Year with robin b.

one year at robin b.

It is always good to look back on your successes and achievements, as sometimes we forget how far we have come.  We have loved every minute of 2016 and have recapped a few highlights for you in this blog.

2: The Do's and Don'ts For Your Company Holiday Party

do's and don'ts at a holiday party

You might have noticed a shift in our blogs (and approach) towards the end of 2016. As we have grown we have started to focus more of our attention towards the professional women and her needs.  You will see much more of this as we move through 2017. That being said, this blog really hit it big on Linkedin and other social networks.  We hope you laugh as much as we did reading this blog.

1: Why I launched robin b.

why i launched robin b

At 49 I started a new career. After a lifetime of working for and with retailers, I channeled everything I’ve learned and started my own business - robin b.  I often get asked why?  I shared my passion for retail and why I thought this was the best "next step" in my career.  I received so many positive notes and responses from this blog, it was overwhelming.  I hope you find my journey interesting.

That concludes our wrap up of 2016!  It was a great year, but 2017 is even better!  I know, 2017 just started.  Let's just say...I have a feeling!

Love and Karma

robin b.


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