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| Posted by Melissa Calise

Technology Executive Turns Fashion Designer with the Creation of Her Award-Winning Essential T-Shirt


Melissa Calise


Technology Executive Turns Fashion Designer with the Creation of Her Award-Winning Essential T-Shirt

Robin Barrett Wilson wins Best Designer T-Shirt, Editor’s Choice, for the first design
 in her capsule clothing collection for modern women.

East Greenwich—August 3, 2017 Flipping through the pages of RI Monthly Magazine’s Best in RI addition, expecting to see “Best Local Boutique- Robin b.”, but instead the award read, “Best Designer T-Shirt – Robin b.”

To designer, Robin Barrett Wilson, this award meant so much more than being awarded Best Local Boutique. Rather than being awarded for her keen eye to curate a store filled with other people’s designs, she has been recognized for her own design that she watched come to life from her very first sketch.

That’s right, former technology executive awarded Best Designer T-Shirt. So where is the disconnect? The design idea didn’t spark out of thin air. It came when Wilson searched endlessly for the perfect tee to wear under her blazer at a boardroom meeting but also on the weekend with her favorite pair of denim. This alleged staple item was unusually hard to find. They were out there, but none of them were right, so she decided to make it herself.

When people think of a t-shirt, the same things come to mind, comfortable, casual and basic, but to Robin, something else came to mind when thinking of her perfect tee: luxurious, flattering and absolutely essential. We all wear them, sometimes a little too much, so why shouldn’t it be everything we want in our favorite top?

Ignoring the question she heard countless times, “Why are you designing a t-shirt, there’s a million of them out there?”, Robin began the design process, noting all the must-have elements in her dream tee: luxurious feel, feminine scoop, more length in the body, flattering fit.  The result: an essential top that gives the word “t-shirt” a new meaning.

Seeing that her first design was met with such overwhelming success, Robin designed 8 more pieces to her capsule collection of essential items.

With this award, Robin’s thoughts were confirmed, she wasn’t the only person out there searching for a perfect tee. So, there you have it, proof a so-called “basic” tee can go a long way.


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