Perfectly Polished Pencil Skirt in Black



The Essential & Professional Women's Black Pencil Skirt

A modern classic, this black pencil skirt lays smoothly along the contours of your body allowing for a flattering and comfortable fit. This pencil skirt elegantly falls to right below the knee with a close fitting sweep to elongate and accentuate the leg. Effortlessly paired with your favorite blouse, tucked or untucked. A season-less staple that will last for years to come. 

Check out our video below for pencil skirt styling tips.


60% Rayon / 33% Nylon/ 7% Lycra Spandex. Luxurious double knit that is soft to the touch, yet substantial enough to hold its shape, with just enough stretch to allow for comfortable. A rich black color that doesn't fade and a material perfect for traveling. 


Cold Gentle Cycle, Hang to Dry or Dry Clean


Model is 5' 11" and wearing a size 6

The Story Behind The Essential Black Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt Inspiration

Have you seen the movie Ocean's 13? Do you remember Ellen Barkin in this movie? How could you forget, she was stunning! That figure and those amazing body-skimming dresses and skirts? This was my inspiration for the black pencil skirt. Body hugging, a bit longer and a narrower sweep (the circumference of the bottom hem of a skirt, dress or jacket) which helps to elongate and accentuate the leg.

Why a Pencil Skirt?

I often get asked, “Why are you designing a pencil skirt?” I know, there are plenty in the market. Yet, they weren’t what I wanted in this classic. Pencil skirts have become a commodity. When something becomes a commodity, it is typically made the easiest and cheapest way possible. This keeps the price down. This is what I was finding over and over, a forgotten silhouette. Pencil skirts that were made with thin fabric and they lacked details.

I also found current designs were frumpy. Too short, not straight (in fact, they flared at the bottom) and when I sat in one, I was showing just a bit too much leg to remain professional. Don’t get me wrong, I want to look sexy (who doesn’t) but sexy doesn’t have to mean too much skin. Back to those dresses Ellen Barkin wore on the red carpet, very little skin, but oh so sexy. Classy, classic and appropriate for the occasion. 

When I started to sketch I didn’t turn to current trends for inspiration. I turned to those classic movies and actresses that I loved when I was a kid. What would Audrey Hepburn wear? How about Barbra Streisand? These women stuck with what worked for them. Classic silhouettes that showed off their talent and accentuated their success. I wanted a pencil skirt that would do the same for today’s everyday “stars”. Of course, this professional pencil skirt needed to be of the best fabric, complete with details and construction that showed luxury and made in the US.

The Result - The Essential Black Pencil Skirt

The perfect pencil skirt! This black skirt can be worn by women of any size and height (yes, my girlfriend who is 5’1” loves it) and it fits! I hope you love my Perfectly Polished Pencil Skirt as much as I do. You will find that I used the softest, most luxurious fabrics (yet, not fussy, this one travels well). The details are subtle, yet make a statement, and it is versatile. This will take you from the office to that night out with ease. The best part, you have an item that will stand the test of time and the cost is half of what you would find with designer labels.

One last thought, I would love to see how you would style the pencil skirt. Send me your photos, tag me ( on social media and we will be sure to share your inspiration.


The robin b. Design Process

It All Starts with an Inspiration
I wanted to offer the same classic work skirts to my customers that I loved for my own wardrobe. When I went searching for these professional skirts to carry in the store, I was surprised to find that there was a hole in the market. Those same classic items that I love were hard to find. When I did find them they were either poor quality or luxury that was overpriced. That’s when I decided to design them myself.

It Takes Time
In this day of instant satisfaction and fast fashion it’s important to remember that producing high quality, well-made garments doesn’t happen overnight. Being able to have a hands-on approach and producing the pencil skirts in the US allows me to oversee all aspects of the design and supply chain process. The result: an office pencil skirt that lasts season to season.

Price is Important
Traditional retail is filled with lots of “middle men”, which inflates the price of the garments we purchase. By avoiding the middleman our premium work skirts and other office apparel can be offered to you at a fraction of the cost. As we have said, luxury designs are attainable.


Women's Black Office Pencil Skirt Design Process

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